11 February
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  Strategic Missile Forces museum  
Pobuzhske, Golovaniv region
Phone: +380 5161 5 48 96
Fax: +380 5161 6 54 27
Web: http://rvsn.net.ua/
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The museum is located on the border of Kirovohrad and Mykolayiv regions. Not long ago, the museum objects were strictly confidential, that were part of 46th Missile Nizhniodniprovskaya Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner Division. In the missile base located missiles SS-24 "Scalpel" silo-based. Also in the museum you can see samples of rocket engines, auxiliary vehicles, mock nuclear warhead. Visitors brought to R-12 (it was she who played a key role in the Caribbean crisis in 1961) and RS-20 missile (SS-18 "Satan"), the most powerful to date. By underground Poterna in lengths of 155 meters, you can get to the underground command post, designed for fully autonomous operation within 45 days.

If it were no pointer "museum" in front of the gate with spiny wire - it was possible to feel ourselves in until recently secret facility operating military unit, where until recently it was "real" from the concrete fortress with an armored tower at the top and the greatness of design thought and intelligence of developers of all systems and mechanisms. Here is all the machinery and tools used in the maintenance of missile systems, rocket engines, satellite communications systems, and in areas of barracks, headquarters - many unique exhibits that tell the story not only about the genius and technological achievements embodied in the establishment of nuclear-missile shield state but the fortitude of many thousands of rocket scientists, for whom the 43rd Army was a school of courage, life experience, professionalism and dedicated service to the Motherland. 

We suggest you visit the Museum of Strategic Missile Forces: Time to find out the strategic nuclear power! 

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