13 February
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  Zhytomyrschyna Welcomes  
Zhytomyrschyna Welcomes

Every nook of Ukraine has a unique nature, history, architecture and people. They attract thousands of tourists, giving unforgettable impressions from the trips and knowledge of something new. It is concerned and Zhytomyrschyna, an ancient land which is one of the centres of Slavonic ethnogenesis.

Zhytomyr region is located in the north of Ukraine within the boundaries of the Polissia lowland (on the north) and Prydnipovska upland (on the south). It borders with Belarus Republic in the north, on the east – with Kyivska, in the south - Vinnytska and in the west - Khmelnytska and Rivnenska regions of Ukraine. Zhytomyr is an administrative centre which is situated 140 km to the west from Kyiv.

Distractively Zhytomyrshchyna consists of 23 districts, 5 towns of regional and 6 towns of district value, 43 urban settlements and 1612 villages.

The region is located in two climatic zones, the northern part is in the zone of Polissia and the southern is within the Forest Steppe.

On the territory of the region there are 221 rivers with the total length of 5366 km. All the rivers belong to the Dnipro Basin. The longest rivers in the region are the Teteriv - 247 km, the Sluch - 124 km, the Irpin -174 km, the Irsha -136 km. There are a lot of big lakes in Zhytomyr region. The biggest among them are the Black, the Ozerianske, the Duzhe, the Didove, the Prybylovetske located in the basin of the Ubort River.

180 objects of nature-reserve fulfill nature protective, cognitive, scientific, recreational function. Among them are: Polisski Nature Reserve, reserves as "Stone Village", "Didove Ozero", "Over Teterevom", Slovechanskyi logs, Modryna, the monuments of nature "Life giving source of the Virgin”, " Sheep's frontlet", "Olzhyni Kupalni", the Rock "Golova Chatskogo", the Rock of Krashevskyi, the parks - monuments of the landscape art - Verhivnianskyi, Gorodnytskyi, named after Kutuzov, Miklukho-Maklai, Turchynivskyi and others.

An important part of the tourist attraction of Zhytomyr region is the museums, the monuments of historical, cultural and monumental art.

In the state accounting there are 17 monuments of national importance including 12 archeological, 4 historical and 1 monumental art. Religious buildings are presented by 114 objects, 21 of them are of the state value.

Nearly three hundred thousand items of historical and cultural heritage, much of which are unique are kept in such regional museums as: the Museum of Space and the memorial museum of Serhiy Korolyoy (single in Ukraine); the regional Museum of regional ethnography, the Museum of Nature, the Museum of decorative and precious stones, the regional literary museum, the memorial museums of Korolenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Onore de Balzac, the museum-estate of Rylskyi, etc.

Cultural traditions of Zhytomyrschyaa are preserved and increased by the festivals: regional literary festival "Spring in Romanivka" (the village of Romanivka, Popilnyanskyi region) it is a motherland of Maxym Rylskyi; the international literary and arts festival "Lesyni Dzherela" in Novograd Volynskiy, where Lesia Ukrainka was born, the children's festival of Ukrainian popular song "The stars of  Polissia"; the International Festival in honour of Sviatoslav Richter; the festival of tourism and art songs "Mi-Si-Sol" on the cliffs near the village of Denyshi and others.

In the constellation of famous natives of Zhytomyr there are the Ukrainian hetmans Ivan Vyhovskyi and Ivan Samoylovych, a poet, scientific and state figure Oleg Olzhych, a world-renowned religious and public figure Ogienko, the composers Viktor Kosenko, Borys Lyatoshynskyi, a classic of English literature Joseph Conrad, a general of the Paris Commune Yaroslav Dombrovskyi, an outstanding figure of the UPR Ivan Feshchenko-Chopivskyi, a historian Appolon Skalkovskyi, a linguist Nikolay Dashkevych, a geologist Volodymyr Bondarchuk. A film director Oleksander Dovzhenko, the writers Mykhailo Kotsyubynskyi and Oleksandr Kuprin, a translator Boris Ten, a singer Zoia Haydai and many other famous people lived and worked here.
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