14 February
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Zhytomyr is a historic city in the North of the western part of Ukraine. It is an administrative, economical and cultural centre of our region. It is situated on the banks of the rivers Teteriv, Kamyanka and Rudakiv. The current population of the city is 278, 000 people.

According to the legend, Zhytomyr was founded in 884. For the first time it is spoken about in 1392. Since 1569 it used to be under the Polish power. In 1795 Zhytomyr turned into the centre of the Volyn province. In 1973 the city was already divided into the Bohunskyi district and the Korolyovskyi district.

The most known park of Zhytomyr is one named after Yuriy Gagarin. The park is located in the south of the city, at the left (northern) bank of the river Teteriv. It is a former property of baron de Chaudoir.

There are a lot of places of interest situated on the territory of our city. We are very proud of the Botanic Garden, the park, named after Y. Gagarin, and the hydro park.

Modern Zhytomyr is an important cultural and educational centre. There are four Universities, the theatre named after I. Kocherga, puppet theatre, the regional philharmonic, the state folk ensemble "Lionok" and the choreographical children's school of dance "Sonechko". Besides we have a lot of museums and architectural monuments in Zhytomyr.