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It is a city of a regional value. It is located on the Irsha river (the tributary of the Teterev river and river basin of the Dnipro), 102 km from Zhytomyr. The population is 27, 6 thousand people (2005). There is a railway station and a motor-car road Kyiv - Warsaw.

The remnants of the Old Russian ancient settlement were saved near the city. The name of the settlement went on the name of the drevlyuanskyi prince Mal, who was the owner of drevlyanska land in the middle of the X century. As it is written in «Stories of Past Years», in 945 the Kievan prince Ihor went to lay under tribute from drevlyany. Going back to Kyiv, the prince decided to take more that was paid by drevlyany, and that made them very angry, and they, headed by Mal, put a greedy prince to death. Drevlyany decided to marry their prince with Igor's wife Olga. But a sly and insidious duchess cruelly took a revenge, at first putting to death matchmakers of Mal, and producing a bloody funeral feast on the grave of her husband, took the drevlyan's capital Iskorosten' in a siege. Burning it out to the ground, Olga captured the prince Mal and imprisoned him in the township of Lyubech forever, and made his daughter Malusha a slave.

In X-XI centuries the local population of the land around Malyn used it for hunting, fishing, apicultering, agriculture.                                                                        

In 1569 after signing Lyublinska unia, Malyn entered in the complement of Poland. The gentry exploited the local population mercilessly. In 1648 the habitants of the city rose in revolt against the rulers, disembogued in the peasant-kozack regiment of Bohdan Khmel'nytskyi.

After Andrusivskyi truce in 1667 Malyn remained among of Poland and was under its power till 1793. After the reunion of Right-bank Ukraine with other Ukrainian lands belonged to Russia, Malyn entered in the complement of the Kievan province.

In 1866 Malyn became a volost center. After formation of the Zhytomyr region in 1937 it became a district center.

There is memorial park named after Miklukho-Maklay.  Irshansk storage reservoir has a great value.

There is a historical museum in town; there is a memorial complex, where the participants of the Malynskyi underground work are buried, there is a burial mound of Immortality in honour of the warriors, who died in the years of the Second World War, there is a monument to the scientist and traveler M. Maklukho-Maklay, whose mother had an estate in Malyn and the researcher came to the family estate in 1886 and 1887. His mother was buried on a local cemetery. There is a grave and a monument.

The railway station (the end of XIX century), the building of a district house of culture and district court (XX century) belong to the sights of architecture and town-planning in this town.

The natives of city: the Doctors of Historical sciences L.Bernshteyn and Yu. Skorokhod; Doctor of Medical Yu.Bernadskyi; the literary critic V. Boyko; the art critic V.Vaysblat; the opera singer L. Vernygora, the Jewish writer S.-L.Gorodetskyi, the Doctor of Technical sciences M. Levin, the prose writer E. Kaminskyi; the Doctor of Philological sciences Yu. Karpenko; the writer and memoirist R.Piotrovskiy; the Doctor of physics-mathematical sciences A. Samoylenko; the Jewish poet P. Kyrychansky.