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Berdychiv is the town. It is situated in the South of the region on the river Gnylopyat' (the tributary of the river Teteriv), it is 43 km from the regional center. The population is 84,3thousand people (2005).The town is an important railway and road junction.

The territory of Berdychiv was already inhabited in the II century BC. The rests two of Bronze Era settlements representing local culture were found there. The first information about Berdychiv is dated back the first 30 years of the XIV century.

In the XVIII century Berdychiv became a new cultural and trade center of the region. The Castle of Berdychive became one of the strongest in Eastern Europe. The Carmelites' publishing shop starts its activity; the publication is spreading all over Europe. 

In the XIX c. Berdychiv was famous with its international fairs.

In the XVIII c.Berdychiv was the one of the most numerous Jewish communities, called "Jerusalem of Volyn". At the end of the XVIII- at the beginning of the XIX c. a famous Jewish leader Levi-ltskhak lived in Berdychiv. The hero of numerous Khasid legends is marked as Berdichivskyi in the history of Jews.

Berdychiv has 25 architectural memorials. Among them are: The Monastery of Carmelites (XVI-XVIII), St.Maria's Cathedral with cells (1634-1754), the gatehouse, the fortress walls with towers and cells (XVI-XVII), St.Varvara's Cathedral (1759-1781) where on the 24th of March 1850 the great French writer Onore De Balzak married to Eveline Ganska; St.Trinity Church (1863), St. Mykolayiv Cathedral (the beginning of the XXc.); the mausoleum of Levi-ltskhak; Nikolska's Church (XXc).

The Museum of regional ethnography and two Museums of Joseph Conrad can be visited in Berdychiv.